Information for professional referrers

What is Get Healthy Rushcliffe?

  • Get Healthy Rushcliffe is a service that helps you by enhancing the support you already provide by helping your patients make changes for a healthier lifestyle. We know that changing lifestyle habit is not easy and Get Healthy Rushcliffe offers a range of services and support to help patients become healthier
  • It is a single point of access for Rushcliffe residents over the age of 18 that provides support with making healthy lifestyle changes
  • Only one referral to Get Healthy Rushcliffe is required to access a wide range of support and information
  • Get Healthy Rushcliffe offers holistic support and follow up for residents who need support with multiple issues
  • Get Healthy Rushcliffe provides lifestyle services directly, and signposts to other specialist services, including stop smoking

How do I refer a patient to Get Healthy Rushcliffe?

  • The quickest and easiest way to refer is by completing the short professional referral form here
  • Residents can also self-refer by registering on this website
  • GP practices can complete a Get Healthy Rushcliffe referral form (available here) and email the form to

Referral tips

So that Get Healthy Rushcliffe can contact the person you have referred quickly, please:

  • Indicate the most convenient time for contact when completing the referral form
  • Indicate the reasons that the service may be able to benefit them

How can I get more leaflets and referral information?

  • You can download and print our leaflet here
  • To order leaflets and posters please contact:
  • For GPs, if you wish to download our referral form that can be uploaded to your clinical system, please click here

What can residents referred to Get Healthy Rushcliffe expect?

  • All residents referred will receive a phone call, usually within 48 hours or at a time of their choice
  • If residents self-refer they can complete an online or phone assessment
  • Those referred will be asked a series of questions to understand their lifestyle, what support they would like and what services they are eligible for
  • Residents can then choose which services they would like to find out more about and request a referral or signpost
  • Residents will be followed up over 12 months to find out how they are getting on and to offer additional support
  • All Get Healthy Rushcliffe services are free. Some external services that Get Healthy Rushcliffe refer or signpost to may have a charge. The resident will be informed if there is a charge before they choose to be referred

Who can access the service and what services could they access through Get Healthy Rushcliffe?

  • The Get Healthy Rushcliffe single point of access is available to all Rushcliffe residents over the age of 18
  • Some services are subject to eligibility criteria which will be checked by Get Healthy Rushcliffe
  • Get Healthy Rushcliffe provides tailored support for each client’s individual circumstances.
  • Get Healthy Rushcliffe directly provides:

Digital lifestyle support for:

  • stop smoking
  • losing weight
  • getting more active
  • drinking less alcohol
  • Access to a dedicated exercise on referral scheme, provided by Lex Leisure

Get Healthy Rushcliffe also refers and signposts to a wide range of external services including:

  • Physical Activity services such as Lex Leisure
  • Diabetes Management & Support programmes
  • Digital online resources to support healthy lifestyle change
  • Alcohol and drug reduction 

The list of available services is always expanding, if you would like further details of the directory of Rushcliffe lifestyle services available via Get Healthy Rushcliffe, or if you wish to recommend a service for us to signpost to, please contact:

How can I feedback on the service?

  • We appreciate all feedback, good or otherwise!  Your feedback forms an important part of our continuous improvement of Get Healthy Rushcliffe
  • Please submit your feedback here