Stressed, Worried or Low?

Stressed, worried, or low?

Are you feeling stressed, worried or low? Buckinghamshire Healthy Minds is your local NHS service for anyone experiencing such feelings.

We can all feel stressed, worried or low at times but sometimes the problems get worse and affect our day to day lives. You may feel alone or panicky, find yourself crying more than usual, find it difficult to do your job or get pleasure out of anything.

Many people who experience these problems and feel this way have found that, with help from Healthy Minds, there is a lot they can do to feel better.

“It was great, and my therapist was superb. I came out of the first appointment feeling as if I had already had the therapy”

The service provides access to a range of evidence-based psychological therapies recommended by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE).  We offer help over the telephone and face to face, as well as on-line programmes and courses.

As well as offering evidence-based psychological therapies Healthy Minds also offers.

  • Practical advice and support to deal with everyday problems, e.g. housing, leisure, finance and social life.
  • Employment advice to help you to keep your job or find work

If you think you need support with how you are feeling there is free help available throughout Buckinghamshire from Healthy Minds. If you would like to find out more please visit

Top tips for emotional wellbeing:

  • Connect with people around you! Spend time with family and friends and really listen to what they are saying. You could give someone a call rather than sending a text. What about chatting to someone new at work?
  • Be active! Regular physical activity can help lift you if you are feeling down and reduce stress levels. You could go for a brisk walk, play football with your children, or take up dancing.
  • Keep learning! Learning new things can be enjoyable. It can also give us a sense of achievement. Why not try learning a new language or instrument, or start that hobby you’ve always talked about doing.
  • Give to others! Giving to others can help us and others to feel good! Small gestures count, like a smile or a kind word, or helping someone to fix a problem. You may want to do something regularly for your local community, in which case you could think about volunteering.
  • Take notice of what is happening right here, right now! Life can be busy and we can find ourselves rushing around or trying to do several things at once. Being in the present moment can help us notice our feelings and thoughts and can increase our awareness of our environment. Why not cook your favourite meal and use all of your senses to fully enjoy how it looks, smells and tastes.  

Feeling stressed, worried or low about your long term physical health condition? Find out how the Live Well Team can help you under “Live Well Stay Well one to one advice”.

Our top tips

  • Make sure you take 'Me' time.  Do something YOU enjoy
  • Try to be more active
  • Talk to someone about the way you feel; a problem shared is a problem halved
  • It's okay to not be okay 
  • Take 6 to 10 deep, slow breaths to relieve stress and anxiety


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